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The Two Krishnas: A Novel
Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla
The Diviners
Libba Bray
My Blue Notebooks PA: The Intimate Journal of Paris's Most Beautiful and Notorious Courtesan
Liane de Pougy
May 2013
I really loved this book. It was so well done. I loved the way that the author has of describing feelings, everything felt so...
Just One Day - Gayle Forman
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April 2013
reviewed: Nijisseiki Hatenkō Serebu: Arienaihodo Tanoshii Onna No Jinsei Katarogu
Subtitled (in English) 'Outrageous Ladies of 20th Century' and (in Japanese) 'A catalogue of woman who lead ridiculously fun ...
Nijisseiki Hatenkō Serebu: Arienaihodo Tanoshii Onna No Jinsei Katarogu - Asako Hirayama
April 2013
reviewed: The Little Book of Chinese Recipes (Little Recipe Books)
I didn't actually finish this, but I finished the section of Liane, and read a bit of the one on Emilienne.This was my first ...
The Little Book Of Chinese Recipes (Little Recipe Books) - Jacqueline Bellefontaine
April 2013
reviewed: Caddie Woodlawn
They made a TV movie of this when I was in third grade. I remember I did a book report on this and drew a picture of the cove...
Caddie Woodlawn - Carol Ryrie Brink, Trina Schart Hyman
April 2013
reviewed: Sex with the Queen: 900 Years of Vile Kings, Virile Lovers, and Passionate Politics (P.S.)
My lil' sis gave me this one. It's basically about various queens love affairs. The chapter on Marie Antoinette and Fersen, w...
Sex with the Queen: 900 Years of Vile Kings, Virile Lovers, and Passionate Politics - Eleanor Herman
reviewed: The Toll-Gate
I really loved this one. My mother, who I introduced to Heyer a few years ago, read it before me and recommended it, commenti...
The Toll-Gate - Georgette Heyer
April 2013
reviewed: The Chronicles of Prydain Boxed Set
God, I loved these books so much!
The Chronicles of Prydain Boxed Set - Lloyd Alexander
reviewed: A Fatal Waltz
Once again I'm impressed with all the details of Edwardian culture that Tasha Alexander gets right. It makes her novels a ple...
A Fatal Waltz - Tasha Alexander
April 2013
reviewed: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (Wolves Chronicles)
I had this book on tape as a kid, and I listened to it about a million times. I loved it so much.Also, it definitely was the ...
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase - Joan Aiken, Pat Marriott
reviewed: Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story
I'm on a nostalgia kick this morning, finding all these books I loved as a kid. I was really into ghosts when I was in elemen...
Wait Till Helen Comes - Mary Downing Hahn
reviewed: The Demon's Surrender (Demon's Lexicon)
In many ways this series took the place of Harry Potter for me: these were the books I devoured in a matter of days, trying d...
The Demon's Surrender - Sarah Rees Brennan
reviewed: The One-Armed Queen
I have to admit I didn't finish this one. I LOVED the first two way back when, but I think that you have to be in a very spec...
The One-Armed Queen - Jane Yolen
reviewed: Winter of Fire (Point)
Another one for the nostalgia shelf. I had a sudden memory of the bare bones plot of this and was wracking my brains to remem...
Winter of Fire - Sherryl Jordan
reviewed: Samantha's Boxed Set (The American Girls Collection/Boxed Set)
Samantha was my first American girl doll, which I got way back in 1st grade, not long after the American Girls came out. I al...
Samantha's Boxed Set - Susan S. Adler, Valerie Tripp, Maxine Rose Schur
reviewed: The Fairy Rebel
This is one of those books that I read as a kid which really stuck with me.
The Fairy Rebel - Lynne Reid Banks, William Geldart
reviewed: Cherry Ames Student Nurse: Book 1
Honestly, this is more nostalgia for my mother than for me, although I have read this, after finding it at an antique store. ...
Cherry Ames Student Nurse: Book 1 - Helen Wells