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Boku O Tsutsumu Tsuki No Hikari: Bokutama Jisedaihen 6

Boku O Tsutsumu Tsuki No Hikari: Bokutama Jisedaihen 6 - Saki Hiwatari Saki Hiwatari's 'Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari' (The Moonlight Envelopes Me) is one of my favorite series. It's subtitled 'The next generation of PSME', and just as that indicates, it's a sequel to 'Please Save My Earth'. The series follows Rin and Alice's son Ren, who is 8 years old, about the same age as Rin was when he fell from the balcony setting in motion the events of PSME. But unlike his father, Ren is just a normal elementary school kid, even though the kids at school call him 'Ren the Liar' because his father can fly, and his mother makes flowers bloom when she sings. The only person who believes Ren's stories of his magical parents is his best friend Kachiko, the teleporting daughter of Mikuro. (Who remains just as mysterious as he was in PSME.) Ren also has two 'guardian angels' who save him when he's in trouble and lend him their powers: The 'hunky guy' and the 'beautiful lady', who are none other than the spirits of Shion and Mokuren, who became part of Earth's atmosphere at the end of PSME. Haruhiko, now a writer, who unlike Rin and Alice can no longer use his ESP powers, also makes frequent appearances acting as Rin (or Ren)'s confidance and advisor. Amusingly, Rin is apparently only 23, making him about 16 when Ren was born. Which does fit, considering there's a brief reference to the fact that he and Alice had a shotgun wedding, but somehow amuses me to no end.)The series maintains a lovely child-like wonder about the world and people in it, and a very optimistic tone, with enough scenes of mystery and continuing threads from PSME to keep it a very interesting read - the reprecussions of having Shion as part of himself are still an issue for Rin, for example. (My favorite smaller reference so far is Rin's response when Alice insists that Ren should tell them if he's going through any problems or troubles. 'Did we, Alice? Did we ever tell our parents what we were going through?') I think the best part of it for me, is the relationship between Rin and Alice. It's plain that even after all these years they are very much in love. They fight of course, about a variety of things, but they always make up, and it's very clear that they care deeply about each other. They have matured of course, but they are still very much the characters we loved in PSME. And as a fan of PSME, seeing their happy ending makes me well, really really happy.