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Jiu Jiu - Tōya Tobina I started reading this on a whim while perusing an issue Hana to Yume magazine, and luckily for me, discovered the first volume had just come out. As member of the Hachiouji family, 16 year old Takamichi is Hunter, and it's her job to destroy the Monsters who plague humanity. For three years, she's been the owner of Setsu and Yuugure, half human half wolf brothers born of a human and a Monster. Having lost her twin brother (he died saving her from a Monster) she's prickly and does every thing she can keep herself from letting anyone into her heart. But Setsu and Yuugure, who switch back and forth between wolf and (often naked) human form, are as loyal and affection as any normal dog, and Takamichi's defenses can't hold for long...The author does a good job of making Yuugure and Setsu adorably dog-like (they love walks, and beg to go out with Takamichi whenever she leaves the house), and also human enough to sympathize with. It's a delicate balance but Tobina succeeds so that that the fact that they often sleep naked with Takamichi never seems awkward or inappropriate.A fun, quirky series that also handles some darker themes, but never gets dark enough to be anything other than a good time.