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Nijisseiki Hatenkō Serebu: Arienaihodo Tanoshii Onna No Jinsei Katarogu

Nijisseiki Hatenkō Serebu: Arienaihodo Tanoshii Onna No Jinsei Katarogu - Asako Hirayama Subtitled (in English) 'Outrageous Ladies of 20th Century' and (in Japanese) 'A catalogue of woman who lead ridiculously fun lives'), the book covers the lives a various women who lived how they pleased and dazzled everyone they met: Liane de Pougy, Natalie Clifford Barey, Louise Brooks, Zelda Fitzgerald, Nancy Cunard, Kayoko Sasaki, Fumiko Miyada, Masako Oya, and several others. As I'm a big fan of most of the people listed above, I was so excited for this book, but it turned out to be very disappointing. It's very nicely put together. It's split by 'Nymphs, Muses, and Charima', begins with a fun quiz to find your celeb type, includes an old fashioned style chart about becoming a muse, and a time line of everyone in the book in the back. There are also copious footnotes, and vintage photos and drawings. Many of the women covered in the book are relatively unknown by the Japanese public, so everyone is given a helpful subtitle: Liane de Pougy: The pearl who ruled the Belle Epoque', Natalie Clifford Barney: The insatiable seductress who seduced her own sex' Fumiko Miyada: The enchantress who lived on inspiration alone'. Each chapter includes a long and short summary of each woman's life, followed by a page listing 'nicknames, pets, and further outrageous episodes', and a page titled 'If you want to be like [Name]..., breaking down her fashion, and quotes on various subjects (which tied to are very specific episodes in the woman's life).Where the book fails in in the actual prose. The longer summary of each woman's life which makes up the meat of each chapter isn't any more illuminating than the paragraph long summary preceding it. You don't get any sense of each woman's personality or exactly why people were drawn to her. And considering the women in the book were all the type to dazzle by the force of their personalities, this is a huge failure.What a missed opportunity.