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Sakura-Gari, Tome 3 (French Edition)

Sakura-Gari, Tome 3 - Yuu Watase In Taisho Era (1920) Japan, Masataka, who is studying to get into college, finds himself becoming a page at the house of the aristocratic Saiki family, serving at the behest of Souma, the beautiful but cold heir. Masataka looks up to Souma like an older brother, but the Saiki family is full of dark secrets that threaten to draw Masataka in...What I would call Watase Yuu's magnum opus, she worked on this series for ten years. I've read and loved a lot of her work, including several full series, and this just blows them all out of the water. I would love to see this series in English, but given the subject matter, I think it's doubtful, which is such a shame...I read a comment from her saying that someone had called it a very hard read, but also a very sweet story, and I think that says it all. A very very hard read, thematically, as it deals with multiple instances of rape and physical abuse, including some of children, and also extremely dense plot-wise. But also deeply moving.Much has been said of the fact that both the main characters in the series are male, but this goes deeper than what you would call BL, and even a gay love story. In fact, it's debatable whether this is a love story at all.Because in the end, it's a story of two people who save each other, who teach each other that they can love and are worthy of being loved, that they have a right to be born, and to discover a will to live. So somehow, despite all the horror and pain that sometimes feels unrelenting in the course of the three volume series, as you close the last book, all you can think is, "What a beautiful story..."