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The Little Book Of Chinese Recipes (Little Recipe Books) - Jacqueline Bellefontaine I didn't actually finish this, but I finished the section of Liane, and read a bit of the one on Emilienne.This was my first serious attempt at reading in French in about...8 years or so? It was very slow going, and I had to look up words a lot, but I was impressed about how much I did understand. From what I got out of this book, it was very good. I'm especially glad the author included Emilienne d'Alencon, because despite the fact that she is one of the 'Three Graces', most books just include a paragraph or so on her where they mention 1) she had a stage act with rabbits which were dyed pink and 2) The Duc d'Uzes ruined himself over her and got shipped off to the tropics, where he died at 23. Rarely they will mention the fact that she was Renee Vivien's lover for a while. She and Liane also had an affair, according to this book.More than Emilienne, I find it odd that no biography of Liane de Pougy has ever been written in English. Or at least translated. (Heck, the biography Jean Chalon wrote was even translated into Japanese!) Most English language books on French courtesans focus on the Second Empire (La Paiva) and the only Belle Epoque courtesan who is ever mentioned is La Belle Otero. Maybe because she had a thing with Vanderbilt? You'd think that Liane, who was actually called "Our national courtesan" would merit some English-language books of her own!