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花にアラシ (Flower in a Storm, #1)

花にアラシ [Hana ni Arashi] - Shigeyoshi Takagi Riko Kunimi is just a normal 17 year old girl, who happens to have super reflexes. She can leap unharmed from the third story window of her school, and dodge speeding cars, and all this makes her even more determined to be as normal as normal can be. Years ago she was dumped by her crush for being a 'freak', leaving her with a burning to desire to be as 'normal' and 'ordinary' as possible. This is made quite difficult by the sudden appearance of Ran Tachibana, 17 year old heir to a global fortune, who barges into her class one day, accompanied by several body guards, announces that he's fallen in love with her, and proposes to her in front of her awestruck classmates. Riko refuses - out of the blue proposals from rich guys she's never met are certainly not normal, and who the hell does this guy think he is? - but Ran won't take no for an answer, and says that he'll let her run, and if he hasn't caught her by 5 pm the next day, he'll give up. It's certainly not a thriller - she wakes up to him in her room the next morning, and her parents love him - more like a romantic comedy. The series is just a lot of fun, revolving around Riko's continued attempts at a normal life, and the way Ran makes anything approaching a normal life impossible. What really makes the series is Ran, handsome, confident, and romantic to boot, and also selfish, arrogant, and the kind of guy who, in the split seconds while he thinks he's about to end up killing someone when the breaks on his car don't work, wonders whether he should try to buy the silence of the onlookers or black mail them instead. But he's also the only guy to ever tell Riko he loves her just the way she is.I'd be lying if I didn't have a few issues with the series - Ran and Riko's relation starts at pretty much the same point in each chapter so growth is very slow, and in the long run Ran's biggest character flaw seems to be his complete and utter lack of understanding about 'normal' life - but it's so much fun that I really don't care.