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Mrs. Keppel and Her Daughter

Mrs. Keppel and Her Daughter - Diana Souhami I'd read Violet and Vita's letters to each other a few years ago, so I knew all the basics, but it was nice to get Mrs. Keppel's story as well. Violet and Vita always strike as so sad, because it's so much misery and heartbreak and emotional cruelness and desperation, all because they couldn't be together - both because society wouldn't recognize a lesbian couple, and because Vita couldn't bring herself to leave the safe haven of her husband and her home, no matter how much she loved Violet. The power of society and overbearing mothers.Finishing it, I just kind of feel sad, because Vita really was Violet's once in a life time love, and she never really found anything to replace her, just kind of ended up becoming a parody of her mother and all of the values Violet had hated.