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Twinkle stars, Tome 4 :

Twinkle Stars, Tome 4 - Natsuki Takaya In volume four we get Yuuri finally figuring out his feelings for Saku, the story of how they met, the gashuku, and more of the slowly developing friendship of Chihiro and Saku. One of the things i love about this series is that it's such a true depiction of those first innocent moments of a crush, just wanting to be with that person, wanting to know more about them, wanting to see them smile.Saku and Yuuri's backstory touches on another of Takaya's themes: some times people are cruel without even realizing it, but if you realize it, you can change. No one is ever perfect.This book finally hints at what may have happened in Chichiro's past, and it looks like we'll find out more in Volume 5 - which doesn't come out until May!