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Watashi danshiko shusshin desu

Watashi danshiko shusshin desu - ISBN 10: 4591103854 I picked this book up in Tokyo before heading to the airport, without much thought. I'm glad I did.I couldn't put it down. I read it from cover to cover on my flight home. And it made me cry.Meet Ayana Tsubaki, 24 years old. Ayaka loves cute things, loves make up and fashion, and is always crushing on a cute boy. In short, Ayana is just your normal, ordinary girl.The only difference is that Ayana was born with 'a tail' between her legs.'Watashi, Danshikou Shusshina desu' ('I went to an all boy's school')is the auto-biography of Ayana Tsubaki, model, 'talent', and producer of various clothing brands. She underwent MtF gender reassignment surgery in 2006, when she was 22. The book follows her from birth until just after her surgery. It is at times very painful reading, as we follow her through her confusion, frustration and pain, as well as her joys and triumphs. I was so touched by her strength and her drive to turn everything into something positive.