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Flora Segunda: Being the Magickal Mishaps of a Girl of Spirit, Her Glass-Gazing Sidekick, Two Ominous Butlers (One Blue), a House with Eleven Thousand Rooms, and a Red Dog

Flora Segunda - Ysabeau S. Wilce Flora Fyrdraaca is about to turn 14, and celebrate her Catorcena, or coming of age ceremony marking her as an adult, and she's stuck on her speech. It's supposed to celebrate the glory of her House and her family, but the problem is neither is that glorious. Sure, her mother is the head General for the Warlord, but her former POW is broken and no longer in his right mind, prone to fits of violence, her old sister is posted far away, and she's Flora Segunda, the daughter born to replace first Flora, who had been captured with her father, and killed. And she feels more like a slave than a daughter half the time, since she's stuck doing all the chores and housework that should be done by the house's Butler, a magical manifestation of each House, and each family's will. The Fyrdraaca's Butler was banished by Flora's mother before she was born...or was he? When Flora comes across the family's Butler, in an unused part of the house, he tells her she can restore him. Can she change her family's destiny?It's been a long time since I read a book set not just in our world with magic, but in a completely different world with an original culture with original traditions,clothing, grammar patterns and slang, etc and I have to admit, it took me a while to get into it.Once I did though, I really enjoyed the book. The original world felt complete and familiar enough that it wasn't too jarring. By the end, I ended up falling in love with the characters, and enjoyed the book so much that I didn't realize until the end that it was a classic coming of age story. The book wrapped up in a way that was both completely satisfying, and left me excited for more. I can't wait to read the sequel.