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The Corinthian

The Corinthian - Georgette Heyer Sir Richard Wynham is the perfect Regency man - always perfectly dressed, a regular whip, a champion in boxing matches, with beautiful manners. His only fault - other than his selfish personality - is his lack of a wife at the ripe old age of 29. When he goes to to speak to the woman his father promised him to at birth about finally making their marriage of convenience he discovers to his own surprise, that he actually wants a wife who loves him! After drinking his sorrows away that night, he's winding his way drunken home at 3 AM when he comes across a young man climbing out a window. It turns out that this young man is actually a young woman - 17 year old Penelope Creed - who is dressed as a boy and intent on escaping marriage with the odious cousin after her fortune. His reasoning somewhat impaired, Richard agrees to take Pen to meet her childhood sweetheart and help her escape this distasteful marriage - and in the process, escape his own!This is now one of my favorite Heyers. It has everything I want from a Heyer: A poised hero full of address, and with an ironic sense of humour, a spunky and amusing heroine, cross-dressing, the requisite foolish and practical side character, a delightful adventure, snd the couple you want falling in love.(It also has the trope that Heyer loves and I hate, where the heroine runs away to save the hero from the disgrace/obligation/distastefulness of marrying her, forcing the hero to search all over for her, find her and convince that no, he did ask her to marry her because he loves her!)