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The Book of Dreams (Chronicles of Faerie)

The Book of Dreams - O.R. Melling One of the good things about the current YA Paranormal Romance boom is that a lot of older paranormal books are being re-issued. Among them were the first three books in the O.R Melling's Chronicles of Faerie, which I had loved (especially the first) back in high school. I was excited to discover the re-issues at my local book store, and also to see that a forth and final installment of the series has just been published.It had been a long time since I'd read the series, but the book was written in a way to enable first time readers to understand what had happened in the previous books, which was enough to jog my memory. The book comes many years after the first three, and I wouldn't be surprised if the author spent a lot of that time doing research.The first three books in the series were very heavily Irish, in terms of the Faerie mythology, but the final book goes far beyond that or any of the usual influences in the genre, the mythology of French Canada, many Native American tribes, and even China or Christianity is featured.All of this mythology is woven together to present a larger picture of the world as interconnected, and to show that, often repeated 'We are all family'. It was a bold move, straying so far from the original Irish bound mythology of the beginning of the series, but it worked well to turn it into a larger story, into the archetypal struggle against evil. Did I like the book? Well, let's just say it's 700 pages and I finished it in two days.