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Lord Dismiss Us (Phoenix fiction)

Lord Dismiss Us - Michael Campbell This reminded me a lot of The Charioteer, in terms of prose style. It was very dense, and went back and forth between people's heads. Sometimes it read like something that had been translated from another language, with the way things seemed out of context sometimes. I think it's just the difference between 1960s dialogue and writing and nowadays, because all the books I've read written around this period share that peculiar characteristic. I felt a little confused about just what the book was trying to tell me, in terms of homosexuality as something apart from the kind of romances that happened as a matter of course between boys in public schools. But I wonder how much of that was the time period - I wonder what the book would have been like if it had been written now. All that aside, this was a very poignantly written record of that insulated world of the boy's school and that period between boy and adult. It had some very beautiful and insightful passages.