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Pearl of China: A Novel

Pearl of China - Anchee Min In 1971, as a middle schooler in Shanghai, Anchee Min was ordered denounce American author Pearl S. Buck as an enemy of China. It wasn't until 1996 that she finally had a chance to read The Good Earth, after it was given to her by a woman attending her book-signing, who told her "Pearl S. Buck taught me to love China." Min read the book in one sitting, tears streaming down her face. 'Pearl of China' is Min's love letter to Pearl S. Buck, her way to honor the woman who loved China more than anything in the world.That's not the plot of the book, that is how it came to be written. In 'Pearl of China', Anchee Min tells the story of the life of Pearl S. Buck and the rise and fall of the Cultural Revolution through the eyes of Pearl's childhood friend Willow. This was a beautiful, and above all, moving book.