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The Katerina Trilogy, Vol. I: The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm - Robin Bridges Russian in the late 19th century...the land of the Romanovs, the Winter Palace, Faberge...not to mention vampires, faeries and necromancers. 16 year old Katerina Alexandrovna, Duchess of Oldenburg isn't interested in balls or making a marriage to a handsome, rich Royal - she wants to become a doctor, despite the fact that the old-fashioned Tsar does not allow women to enter medical school. But Katerina has a bigger problem than finding out how to follow her chosen career path: she is a necromancer, with the power to bring the dead to life. She's tried to keep her ability - for which she could be exiled or even sentenced to death - a secret, but two people know about it. George Alexandrovich, the middle son of the Tsar, who doesn't approve of Katerina, and the sinister and bewitching Crown Prince Danilo of Montenegro, who wants to make Katerina his bride and use her powers for his own gain. There were some small plot points I had issues with, mostly the normal YA paranormal issues, but all in all I felt the romance was well developed despite a quick start. I wished Katerina had stayed bit more in thrall of Danilo, because that's more fun, but on the other hand, I was annoyed when she first dismissed the warnings about him so easily, so I guess this way was fine, after all. The bookish heroine who hates balls, dresses, etc is a trope I don't really like, but I ended up liking Katerina a lot.I really liked the atmosphere, and the setting, and the book was very compulsively readable - I finished it in a day!I'll definitely be picking up the sequel!