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Fatal Shadows

Fatal Shadows - Josh Lanyon Book One of the Adrien English Mysteries. Adrian English owns a book store in LA, and one day the police show up to tell him that his co-worker and high school friend Robert has been murdered, and so far they only have one suspect: Him. Can he convince the cops he's innocent, and find out who the real killer is?I'm going to be completely honest: I picked up this book because the hero's name was Adrien. But I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I'm not usually a big fan of mysteries, but I enjoyed this book a lot. It kept me going back to it compulsively to find out what was going to happen next, and when the big reveal came, I actually let out a gasp and said "Oh no!" As far as the romance went...there wasn't much. There are only the smallest hints that the main couple will go on to get together in later books. I hope the later books spend a lot of time convincing me of their romance, because I didn't really see much attraction in this book.