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White Cat (Curse Workers, Book 1)

White Cat - Holly Black Darn it. I just typed up a whole review and it got erased. Well, here we go again.It's kind of funny that I have to type it up again from memory, when this book deals so much with memory and memories and how they can and can't be trusted.There's something about Holly Black's books that are so compulsively readable to me. Once I finished two of her books in two days - one day for each book. I finished this book in two days, although in actually, it probably only took me about 4 hours to read it cover to cover.Not because it was an easy story, but because I wanted to know what happened next. Cassel's voice drew me in from the very first chapter, he was a hero I wanted to spend time with and get to know. I loved all the details of the book, the complex worldbuilding that blended in the curse workers history with real world history, the way the curse working was described side by side with explanations of real life cons work. I guess that makes it a shining example of its genre. The magic worked in so smoothly with the ordinary. I loved the way it dealt with love and family and memory and trust, and how ultimately unrealiable it can all be. All the big reveals blew me a way every time, had me exclaiming outloud, "Holy shit!" and "Oh my god!", the way it all fell into place every time.I can't wait for the next book, not because the book ended on a cliff hanging - it could work as a stand alone - but because I'm anxious to get back to Cassel and his world.