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The Disenchantments

The Disenchantments - Nina LaCour Colby and his best friend Bev have just graduated high school and in a week, they'll be leaving for the year-long trip to Europe that they've been planning for the past four years. But first, Colby is going to accompany Bev and her band, The Disenchantments on a tour through the West Coast. But no sooner are they on the road then Bev tells him that she's not going to Europe with him, she's going to college. Through the various towns the band plays and the people they meet, Colby has to figure out just why Bev lied to him and what he's going to do now that his post-high school plan, and the girl he's in love with have fallen through...This was another Book Club read. I don't usually read contemporary, so I probably wouldn't have picked this up, but I enjoyed it. Even the parts of the set up that initially irritated me (the Disenchantments being a horrible band with the one saving grace being how hot they are, Bev's attitude before we find out her reasons behind it, etc etc.)I liked the things it had to say about growing up with people, and the way that people change, and the way that you can think that you know everything about someone and in the end, not really know them at all. The way that our decisions and the things that happen to us shape us, about finding our own paths, and finding what is right for us. About all the ways of hurting someone and all the ways of loving someone, and how sometimes they are one and the same.