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Jane - April Lindner When Jane Moore takes a job at Thornfield Park nannying for the young daughter of bad boy rock star Nico Rathburn she expects it to be an interesting job. But Rathburn -and his secrets- are nothing like she'd expected.A modern re-telling of Jane Eyre.According to the afterword, this book was born from the author's love of Jane Eyre, and it really shows. I've always loved Jane Eyre myself, and I think this re-telling did the original justice. I really enjoyed this. Lindner was able to walk that fine line between staying as true as she could to the original story -a lot of the important dialogue is modern paraphrasing the original - while making it plausible in modern setting. The only thing that I didn't think carried over very well is that I don't see a modern 19 year old being in such a rush to get married.