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The Scorpio Races

The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater If the book club I belong to hadn't chosen this book as their next book, I wouldn't have read it, but I'm so very glad they did.I would never have picked it up otherwise, and to be honest for the first few chapters I was wondering how I would make myself finish it. But I kept reading and somewhere along the way I realized that I loved it. I was completely entranced in the world of Thisby and the quiet power of the water horses and the quiet power of Kate 'Puck' Connely and Sean Kendrick and I liked them so much that I kept changing my mind about which one was my favorite every other chapter. This book was so well written, but I can't really descibe how the atmosphere and the prose worked so perfectly together. The feeling of the place and the people of Thisby were in every word of odd descriptions and folk sayings, in the strange rightness and deeper meaning of the slight quaintness to the dialogue and the characters thoughts. Everything happened for a reason and everything had that quiet, deep resonance of a timeless myth or an old folk story.Suffice to say that I started the book unsure if I would be able to get through it, and I ended up finishing it that evening.