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Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher Note: This review is for the Audio Book Version.One day, Clay receives a package, with no return address, containing 7 cassette tapes. The voice on the tapes is the voice of Hannah Baker, a classmate of his who committed suicide a few weeks earlier. The 7 tapes, she explains, will be passed on in turn to thirteen different students, the thirteen different students that she pinpoints as being involved in the incidents that lead to her decision to kill herself. As Clay listens, he learns sides of his classmates he never knew, and the ways in which each little cruelty, each thoughtless action, each rumor can build into something that touches every aspect of someone's life...As expected, this is not light reading, or, as the case may be, listening. But it's probably the best audio edition I've ever heard. The book is narrated by two narrators, a boy for Clay's parts, and a girl for Hannah's tapes. For most of the book Clay wanders the different places in his town, listening to the tapes in an old Walkman. As I mostly listened to this on my commute to and from work, my identification with Clay was intensified, as I listened to the tracks on my iPod. Both narrators do a great job of capturing all the characters pain, heartache and desolation.The story itself was extremely well done, told in a way that kept me, like Clay, anxious to hear what would come next, to know how everyone fit together, and just wishing that someone would reach out to Hannah, that she would let some one reach out, so some how, the awful tragedy that I knew was coming, could be avoided. Hannah's mindset, as everything snow balls into utter hopelessness and despair, as she just gives up, was heartbreakingly realistic, as was Clay's pain at hearing everything after it was far too late to help. Difficult topics to cover, but very well done.