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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska - John Green *Audiobook Edition.What a good book. I can understand now why so many people love it. It's so well done, the way the themes continue throughout the book, the way it all ties together.The book is written so that each chapter begins with the words: XX days before. I'm so glad that I managed to avoid all spoilers for the book, so I had no idea of the answer to 'Before what??'.And I'm so glad that the book continued for some many days after, as well.This book makes me want to write something meaningful. It's funny, because I now watch John Green's vlogs with his brother Hank, and partially because I was listening to the audio version, which of course is narrated by a man, but I could actually hear his voice saying some of the lines. The way of speaking and thinking in the book are so him.This book makes me feel the way that AFIOS did: I want to go and make every single person I know read it.